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Welcome to Travel Companions, you’re online blogging friend for all the latest holiday ideas and destination guides. This travel resource is all about giving you ideas and inspiration, whether you are looking for the Top 5 things to do in Hungary, or a place to go for an adventure break. Through our blog posts you can take a journey across the world, and find out about . . . → Read More: Welcome

Having fun on a sunny island – Mallorca Holiday

Have you ever thought of going on a holiday and not just sun bathe or linger on the shallow water on the shore? Have you always dreamt of enjoying some time out and do some great activities on a sunny island? If you answered yes to my questions than I suggest you take your next holiday on the Balearic Island of Mallorca.

Although most people . . . → Read More: Having fun on a sunny island – Mallorca Holiday

Bareboat to Antigua and Barbuda

Antique and Beard are the name the first Spanish visitors gave to these two islands. Christopher Columbus might have also been responsible for naming Antigua after Santa Maria la Antigua, Saville’s impressive cathedral, as he passed the islands on his way to New World riches.

For over 5,000 years these islands have been populated and repopulated as native tribes and, more latterly, Europeans claimed stake to these . . . → Read More: Bareboat to Antigua and Barbuda

Royal beauty in Japan

In the southern part of Japan you can find the Okinawa Prefecture. The Ryukyu royal family used to rule these parts in centuries past, with the collection of hundreds of small Ryukyu islands along a stretch of water 1,000 kilometres that runs out towards Taiwan.

Naha is the capital of Okinawa, situated on Okinawa island. Due to a comfortable climate and numerous local attractions, many thousands of . . . → Read More: Royal beauty in Japan

Taking a trip to Johannesburg

When you think of South Africa, you think about Cape Town and the many excellent national parks, rather than Johannesburg. However, for people who include the city on their travel itinerary, they will discover a bustling, modern city that boasts some of the tallest buildings in the whole African continent. As such, Johannesburg makes for an interesting excursion off the usual very well trodden tourist paths.

Green . . . → Read More: Taking a trip to Johannesburg

Lanzarote: The Home of Mediterranean Cuisine!

Lanzarote is a popular tourist destination for many nationalities and this is reflected in the huge variation of cuisine available on the island. From English and Italian to Chinese and Japanese food, just about every taste is catered for, but the traditional Canarian food is not to be missed! Local seafood features predominantly on restaurant menus and there are plenty of tapas bars dotted over the . . . → Read More: Lanzarote: The Home of Mediterranean Cuisine!

The quite delightful San José in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica that tourists know has gotten more expensive of late, but when you step out into the suburbs, you can find locals who are eager to offer your affordable accommodation or hospitality from proud restaurateurs in their local restaurant.

Just like much of the Americas, a look around the neighbourhood will show a rainbow of colours. Lots of blues, and whites on the buildings and . . . → Read More: The quite delightful San José in Costa Rica

Get some history in Charleston, South Carolina

A visit to Charleston is sure to be an enjoyable one. Getting there from Europe involves a long-haul trip to get state-side and then a shorter internal flight to the local Charleston airport. Stepping off the final plane, you’ll feel the heat right away, but the warmth of the people will come a close second.

The city of Charleston has a rich history which dates back to . . . → Read More: Get some history in Charleston, South Carolina

White sand, rum and nutmegs, just some of the joy of Grenada

Grenada is one of the smallest Caribbean countries with a population of of only around 110,000. Here, Amerindian, African, and European traditions merge beautifully, creating a unique culture with one signature export: the nutmeg. In fact, the nutmeg is the emblem of the country, also being displayed on its national flag.

Although Hurricane Ivan destroyed most of the national production of nutmeg trees back in 2008, only . . . → Read More: White sand, rum and nutmegs, just some of the joy of Grenada

A look at the history of Essex

The British know Essex as a county to the north east of London with quite a history of its own. It’s home to the oldest recorded city in the UK, Colchester, founded sometime around 70AD or earlier. Essex in America is a little town in Connecticut, lacking the venerable age of English Essex but according to its website, “the best small town in America.” In this . . . → Read More: A look at the history of Essex

Discovering the beauty of Namibia

One of the most beautiful places in Africa to visit is Namibia, with plentiful safari experiences to be found, these are the top destinations to be found in this part of Africa.

Etosha National Park

With the dry season attracting tens of thousands of native species, it’s dry season waterholes are a fantastic place to head. With vast areas of silver sands and sparse open plains, it has . . . → Read More: Discovering the beauty of Namibia